New release: Bearings in Sufism republished

Ahram Online, Tuesday 26 Apr 2011

Affordable edition of Prince Abd El-Qadir Al-Jaza’iri’s book on Sufism

Al-Mawakef Fi Al-Tasawuf: Selselet Al-Zakha’ir  (Bearings in Sufism: Al-Zakha’ir Series) Prince Abdel-Qadir Al-Jaza’iri, Cairo: 2011.

Prince Abd El-Qadir Al-Jaza’iri’s oeuvre in Sufism and preaching was combined in two huge volumes. Abd El-Qadir was inspired in these two volumes by the heritage of the great Sufi sheikh Ibn Arabi and his Sufi perspective. This work is somehow unknown. Its first edition was published in 1911 with the expenses incurred by the prince’s grandsons. The second edition was published in 1966, before being the Al-Zakha’ir series published a more affordable edition.

Prince Abd El-Qadir (1807-1883) was a military leader and the prince of Algeria. He fought against the French occupation in the nineteenth century.      

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