New Release: How Islamists define the 'other'

MENA, Tuesday 29 May 2012

New book by Saleh Zahreddine examines how post-Arab Spring Islamist groups define the 'other' by examining their literature and ideological statements

Saleh Zahreddine's new book, Islamist Movements and Parties, tracks 13 Islamist political parties and movements in the Arab world and attempts to answer the question, who is the 'other' for these groups?

The book does not attempt to explain the success of these movements after the Arab Spring but rather looks at their literature and ideological background, especially the way they define and deal with the political and religious 'other'.

Eddine also investigates how religion is involved in defining the 'other'.

Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood and Morocco's Justice and Charity Group are investigated in depth.

The book is published by Al-Saki publishing in Lebanon.

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