French writer Hector Bianciotti dies

AFP, Wednesday 13 Jun 2012

Bianciotti died after several years of illness that lost him his memory.

French Argentinean writer, Hector Bianciotti, member of the French Academy, has died in a hospital in Paris on Monday, according to one of his relatives. He was 82.

Hector Bianciotti, who comes from Italian origins died affects with a strong disease that he caught in the last years. “His illness years were the hardest on him, especially when he realized that he is losing his memory.” His relative said.

Bianciotti was born in 18 March 1930 in Argentina and left to Italy on 1955, then heading to Spain before he settles down in France to work with the prestigious publishing house, Gallimard on 1961.

He worked as a journalist for a while in the “Le Monde”, and granted the French citizenship on 1981.

His first novel in French withouht the christ’s mercy Sans la miséricorde du Christ won him the Prix Femina literary prize on 1985. He also was granted the Officer of the Légion d'honneu title.

Before Bianciottie writes in French he used to write in his mother language, Spanish. He published around 13 novels such as: Les Déserts dorés, Celle qui voyage la nuit, Seules les larmes seront competes and his latest La nostalgie de la maison de Diet, which he published in 2003.

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