Mohamed El Kholy wins the King Abdallah Ben Abdel Aziz award for translation

Mahmoud Sayed, Wednesday 1 Dec 2010

The National Council for Translation celebrates Mohamed El-Kholy award for his translation of "The collapse of Globalisation and the Reinvention of the World" by John Ralston Saul


In collaboration with the Supreme Council for Culture and the Egyptian-Lebanese publishing house, the National Council for Translation organised a seminar on 30 November  2010 at the conference hall  to discuss  "The collapse pf globalistion and the reinvention of the world" - a book by John Ralston Saul translated by Mohamed El Kholy and published by the Egyptian-Lebanese house in Cairo.

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The seminar was chaired by Gaber Asfour, director of the National Council for Translation and Sayed Yasin, consultant to Al-Ahram Centre for Political and Strategic Studies and the senior pedagogue Hamed Ammar.

The participation of the National Council in the organisation of this event was intended to celebrate  El Kholy  winning the King Abdallah Ben Abdel Aziz award for translation.   In addition it encourages private participation to enrich the publication of translated books with the collaboration between the Council and major Egyptian and Arab publishing houses.

The decision to award El-Kholy the prize indicated that the "book provides a critical and historical reading of the concept of globalisation in the world, focusing on tracing the harmful effects of the world economic order, and warning of violations by major companies and their executive bodies of international regulations and laws. The translator has made a good choice  to translate this book into Arabic, especially in view of the financial crisis facing the world today. The translation was  accurate, clear, smooth and the translator's explanatory notes have added to its richness for the reader and increased its value in view of his respect for copyright when he obtained permission for translation from the publisher of the original work.” 

In his introduction  Dr Hamed Ammar invited political and economic leaders to read the book, especially those in charge of developing economic policies and supporters of overall privatisation.  

El Kholy is a writer and journalist specialising in Arab issues and international affairs. He has worked as an international translator at the UN and a senior translator at UN centres in Beirut, Baghdad  and Addis Ababa and at the UN General-Secretariat in New York.  

His undergraduate studies were in English literature, psychology, mass communication and political economics and  he gained a  masters degree from the Faculty of Art at  Cairo university.  He also lectures in English language at Helwan university in Cairo.   El Kholy is a member of the Arab National Congress and has attended and participated in several international conferences as a permanent member of the UN staff.

He  is currently a writer and political analyst who publishes regularly in newspapers and magazines in Egypt, the Gulf and Lebanon and  is a UN consultant in the Arabic section of the UN General-secretariat in the fields of editing and translation.

Among his most prominent books are Contemporary Issues and Ideas (Dar El Bayan – Emirates), Arab Satellites challenging Terrorism, (Arab radio union – Tunisia), Reading in Arab Heritage (Saut El Arab – Cairo).

Important works translated by  El Kholy include The American Campaign (Dar El Helal – Cairo), Cairo in WWII (Saut El Arab foundation – Cairo), Islam and Muslims in America (Higher Council for Translation – Cairo), Agenda for the 21st Century (El Bayan foundation – Dubai), Vices of the time (Dar El Bayan – Dubai), The East in the West  (Arab organisation for translation – Beirut), In Search of Arab Democracy (in collaboration with the Centre for Arab Unity Studies – Beirut), The Collapse of Globalism and the Rebirth of Nationalism (Egyptian Lebanese House – Cairo).

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