You should have 3 bank accounts: Monika Halan's investment advice

Sharjah - Heba Abdelsattar , Tuesday 7 Nov 2023

Writer and money management consultant Monika Halan offered golden advice to visitors at the Sharjah International Book Fair this week.

Monika Halan s
Monika Halan


Halan explained that the key for those early in their careers is to streamline their cash flow while allocating a fixed monthly amount into an emergency fund.

She explained that delving into the world of investment is like learning to swim; when we see ourselves becoming professionals, we can then go to the sea. However, risk and adventure remain present at all times.

Halan touched on the three bank accounts one needs to manage their money: one account for income, another for spending, and a third for investment cash flows.  

In her speech, she focused on the necessity of developing an emergency fund, equal to six times one's monthly expenses. 

Halan advised the audience, saying: “Try to have a separate bank account and transfer a fixed amount to it every month. After a while, you will have a large amount of emergency funds, and with every increase in income, allocate more money to the fund.” 

She pointed out that one of the main rules of investment lies in controlling one's investment decisions and spending decisions, by precisely determining what should be spent monthly.  

She also talked about her book, “Let’s Talk Money,” which provides tips and methods for building an intelligent system that enables an individual to live the life of his dreams, instead of worrying about the appropriate investment or ideal insurance. 

She pointed out that no matter how hard an employee works or how much they earn, anxiety about money never disappears, due to bills, rent, monthly installments, medical costs, vacations, and children’s education. The book addresses these needs through simple strategies without complex financial terms and concepts.

Monika Halan is a consulting editor and part of the leadership team at Mint. A certified financial planner, she has served as editor of Outlook Money and worked in some of India's top media organizations, including the Indian Express, the Economic Times, and Business Today.

She has run four successful TV series on personal finance advice, on NDTV, Zee, and Bloomberg India, and is a regular speaker on financial literacy, regulation, and consumer issues in retail finance. As part of her public policy service, she is a member of SEBI's Mutual Fund Advisory Committee.  

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