Head of German intelligence sees no regime change in Syria

DPA, Sunday 31 Jul 2011

German intelligence head Ernst Uhrlau says he thinks the Assad regime will encourage splits in an already divided opposition

German intelligence dismissed that a change in the Syrian regime is to take place, in spite of the unrest continuing over the past weeks.

In a meeting with the German daily Der Spiegel in Damascus, Ernst Uhrlau, head of the German intelligence service, said that he doesn’t see the situation in Syria leading to a regime change.

Uhrlau revealed his view that the ruling Alawite minority in Damascus, headed by president Bashar al-Assad’s clan, will not give up their posts, adding that the Assad clan will attempt to create splits within the ranks of the opposition through concessions like allowing a multi-party system and elections.

Uhrlau says he believes the opposition itself does not seem unified enough to force a change in the ruling regime.

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