EU's Ashton visits Arab League HQ

Ahram Online and Reuters, Monday 14 Mar 2011

European Commissioner for External Affairs Catherine Ashton visits Cairo to discuss Libyan 'options'

The European Union's foreign policy chief Catherine Ashton (L) meets with Arab League chief Amr Moussa (R) at the Arab League headquarters in Cairo, Egypt, Monday 14 March 2011. (AP)

The European Union's Commissioner for External Affairs Catherin Ashton visited the Arab League's headquaters Monday following the organization's call to enforce a no-fly zone over Libya.

Catherine Ashton says all options should be discussed, including the option of a no-fly zone. The Arab League has asked the UN to impose the flight ban to try to halt Libyan ruler Muammar Gaddafi's airstrikes.

Ashton spoke at a news conference Monday with Arab League chief Amr Moussa. Ashton did not set a date for the proposed meeting.

The UN Security Council was in session Monday, and receive a briefing from UN political chief B. Lynn Pascoe about the Arab League's request.

Ashton met Egyptian officials Sunday. She expressed the EU's support for Egypt's democratic process.

According to media reports, Ashton explained that the EU is still looking into the legal options available to resolve Libya's bloody crisis.

"I think in a sense our eyes are now on the Security Council, but as we look at the situation in Libya we call again for an end to violence," Ashton's press release said as published by Europa.

Ashton also referred to other regional bodies like the African Union.

"One of the proposals being discussed is how we all work collaboratively together in terms of the African Union, the Arab League and the EU," she said.

The EU called again, for an end to the violence in Libya.

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