Biden warns Russia any nuclear attack would be 'incredibly serious mistake'

AFP , Tuesday 25 Oct 2022

US President Joe Biden warned Russia on Tuesday against using a nuclear weapon in the war with Ukraine, saying such an escalation would be a grave error.

File Photo: US President Joe Biden addresses media representatives during a press conference at the NATO summit at the Ifema congress centre in Madrid on June 30, 2022. AFP

Asked by reporters whether he thinks Russia is preparing a dirty bomb attack that it would then blame on Ukraine, Biden said: "Russia would be making an incredibly serious mistake was it to use a tactical nuclear weapon."

Russia said this week that Ukraine could use a so-called dirty bomb on its own territory.

A dirty bomb is a conventional bomb laced with radioactive, biological or chemical materials which get disseminated in an explosion.

The US and its allies suspect Russia might itself use a dirty bomb in a "false flag" attack, possibly to justify use of conventional nuclear weapons by Moscow as it finds itself on the back foot in eastern and southern Ukraine.

Biden said Tuesday, "I'm not guaranteeing that it's a false flag operation yet. We don't know."

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