Netanyahu would allow flotilla to enter Gaza under conditions

Saleh Naami , Thursday 14 Apr 2011

While Israel tries to convince neighbouring countries to dissuade a 15-ship flotilla to sail from their ports, they work a proposal to allow it on condition of an int'l inspection team

Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu studies the possibility of allowing international flotilla to reach Gaza if flotilla organizers agreed their vessels be checked by international forces beside Israeli, Israeli media reported.

Political sources told Israeli Channel 2 TV station that Tal Aviv main concern is to make sure that flotilla’s vessels are being used to smuggle weapons to Gaza militants.  The sources added that the reason Israel wants  a third party to be involve is to avoid any clashes with the flotilla organizers and in the same time make sure that the flotilla does not break the blockade.

According to the same sources the Israeli ministry of Foreign Affairs suggests forces from Greece and Turkey along with Israel to participate in the inspection of the flotilla and an Israeli diplomatic team is currently drafting proposal that considers different scenarios to deal with the flotilla.  

Israeli ambassador to Turkey Gabby Levy said in press interview Tal Aviv had started talks with the Turkish government in an effort to prevent the planned flotilla to sail to Gaza.

The flotilla is expected to include more than 15 vessels that carries humanitarian aid supplies to Palestinians in Gaza.  

At the same time Tal Aviv has intensified its diplomatic effort to convince EU counties from whichthe flotilla’s vessels are expected to sail, to discourage their citizens from taking part. Channel 2 also reported that the Israeli navy forces were running military exercises in the past few days to attack and take over the vessels.



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