Egypt FM Nabil El-Arabi to make solidarity visit to Gaza soon

Saleh Naami , Sunday 17 Apr 2011

Egypt's new foreign minister, Nabil El-Arabi, is expected to visit Gaza amid growing Israeli hysteria over signs of a shift in post-revolution Egypt's regional and international posture

Nabil Elarabi

Egyptian Foreign Minister Nabil El-Arabi intends to visit Gaza soon, according to the independent Palestinian news website Quds Net.

The website reported that "reliable sources" in Egypt said El-Arabi asked his deputies to begin preparations and set a schedule for an upcoming visit to Gaza.

The sources confirmed that El-Arabi took this step to express the Egyptian people’s solidarity with Gaza which is and has been under Israeli blockade for over four consecutive years.

The delegation accompanying El-Arabi will include prominent figures from the Egyptian government, the sources explained.

Meanwhile, Israeli premier Binyamin Netanyahu launched a propaganda campaign to undermine the forthcoming Egyptian government, which is to be formed after parliamentary elections set for next September. During a meeting with representatives of the European Union, Netanyahu said he was deeply concerned by the formation of an Egyptian government hostile to Israel after September's elections.

Netanyahu attacked El-Arabi and his colleague, Minister of Finance Samir Radwan, calling them “hostiles to Israel”. He said he was particularly concerned by El-Arabi’s recent statements, claiming they have been “anti-Israeli.”

Netanyahu noted that when asked about foreign investment in Egypt, Radwan said that “Israel is a hostile state and we do not want investments from enemies.”

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