Two killed in fresh Brazil prison mutiny

AFP , Tuesday 2 Sep 2014

Barely a week after rioting inmates killed five fellow prisoners in a Brazilian jail, two more have been slain in a similar disturbance, authorities said Tuesday.

Military police said one of the men had been beheaded and had a hand cut off while the other victim was stabbed to death at the penitentiary in Parintins in the northern region of Amazonia.

A spokesman told AFP at least two fights had broken out at the facility, housing 138 in a jail whose official capacity is 75.

He added that a new administration at the jail would seek to address conditions there.

He added that the prisoners had done substantial material damage to the prison during more than nine hours of disturbances.

Last week saw an uprising which killed five and two prison guards were taken hostage in Cascavel in the southern state of Parana.

A further 25 were hurt in that disturbance.

Overcrowded Brazilian jails are regularly the scene of uprisings and the violence and often unhygienic conditions in many are the subject of debate ahead of an October 5 presidential election.

President Dilma Rousseff dubbed the situation in the worst penitentiaries as "barbaric" during a televised debate with rival candidates on Monday night.

In a July interview with US broadcaster CNN she said she was aware that there were "huge" numbers of prisoners being held in "sub-human conditions".

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