Israeli report: Palestinian reconciliation would ruin US regional policy

Saleh Naami , Saturday 30 Apr 2011

An internal Israeli policy report opines that Palestinian national reconciliation is a mortal threat to US and Israeli regional interests

A weapons system fired by Israeli forces explodes over the northern Gaza Strip 10 January 2009. (Reuters)

A confidential Israeli report has warned that Palestinian reconciliation would lead to a collapse in US Middle East policy and deal a substantial blow to Washington and Tel Aviv's interests in the region.

The report issued by the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs Centre for Political Research said that reconciliation would enhance Palestinian chances to garner greater international support for the recognition of the State of Palestine. 
According to the report, published by Israeli daily Maariv, any sort of raprochement between the two Palestinian rivaling factions Fatah and Hamas would end US ambitions to resurrect Israeli-Palestinian talks as a way to obstruct intensified efforts by Palestinians to gain international recognition via the UN.
The report, which was given to Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu and Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman, also warned that the agreement could result in Central European states making official contact with Hamas after recognising the agreement and the technocratic government to be formed in its aftermath. This would legitimise Hamas and remove it from the EU's terrorist list, thereby limiting Israeli action against it.
Israeli TV pointed out that Arab revolts have greatly contributed to the change in Europe's position towards Islamist movements, specifically the Muslim Brotherhood, indicating that Hamas will benefit from these changes.
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