Hamas: Gaza not ready to host Abbas any time soon

Saleh Naami , Wednesday 11 May 2011

Foreign policy chief fears Gaza isn’t secure enough to host Abbas without social reconciliation between West Bank and Gaza families

Mahmoud Abbas
Palestinian authority President Mahmoud Abbas (Photo: AP)

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas will not be able to visit the Gaza Strip soon, as the security situation is still fragile, Hamas foreign policy chief Mahmoud Al-Zahar said on Wednesday.

Zahar added in an interview with Maan Palestinian News Agency that the Palestinian faction has succeeded in reaching political reconciliation; however there is no progress on the social reconciliation between the big families in Gaza and the West Bank.

“We will have to work on reconciliation sessions between the well-known families in the West Bank and Gaza that would make the security more stable than now” Zahar said.

He warned that Israel would use its agents in Gaza to shoot at President Abbas to cause divisions again between Fatah and Hamas.

Zahar also added that Hamas would not allow the return of the security officers who used to run Gaza security agency offices before the division in 2007. Hamas also does not agree to re-open Fatah offices in the strip at the current stage and will delegate this task to the Egyptian/Arab committee that will supervise the implementation of the reconciliation deal.  

With regard to the interim government, Zahar said that the factions formed a committee from independent figures to suggest the new minister names.

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