Islamic State group releases 200 captive Yazidis in Iraq

AP , Sunday 18 Jan 2015

Kurdish security forces help people from the minority Yazidi sect, on the outskirts of Kirkuk January 17, 2015. (Photo:Reuters)

Kurdish military officials in northern Iraq say at least 200 people from the minority Yazidi group have been released from captivity by the Islamic State group.

Peshmerga Gen. Shirko Fatih, commander of Kurdish forces in the northern city of Kirkuk, told The Associated Press on Sunday that almost all of the freed prisoners are elderly men and women in poor health. He said three were young children.

The militants transported them from the northern town of Tal Afar, where they were being held for the past five months after the militants raided their towns last summer. Fatih says the militants dropped them off Saturday at the Khazer Bridge, near the Kurdish regional capital of Irbil. They are now being held by Kurdish authorities for questioning.

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