Israel scrambles to face Arab revolutions

Saleh Naami , Saturday 14 May 2011

Israeli strategic planners are struggling to confront the ramifications of the Arab democratic revolutions, with some saying the moment is akin to the eve of World War II

Israel TV has unravelled a plan by Israeli occupation forces to open up talks to draw what they termed as a "five sided plan" to confront the reprecussions of democratic revolutions sweeping the Arab world.

According to Israeli TV, Chief of Staff Lieutenant General Benny Gantz will head the meetings, which are expected to last a week. Discussions will focus mainly on future scenarios stemming from the wave of sweeping reform occurring in the Arab world, its strategic impact on Israel, and how can the Israel state can address the growing challenges against it on all fronts.

“We are at the peak of this wave of changes and we do not have any control on its direction or its outcome,” said Gantz. However, the Israeli occupation forces are preparing for the possibility of an all-sided military confrontation with Arab states, which was never on the agenda until the eruption of the recent Arab revolutions.

Avaam Syleh, another Israeli general, who was himself involved in the attack on an Iraqi atomic reactor in 1981, views the current situation in the Middle East as similar to the status quo on the eve on World War II, and he appeals to Israel's decision makers to exert the utmost efforts they can to safeguard Israel and be ready for the worst if it comes.


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