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Hundreds of rabbis in Israel ask Obama to chuck the Palestinian state idea

Israel TV reveals some of the text in a letter signed by hundreds of rabbis in Israel asking the White House to terminate ‘the independent Palestinian state idea’

Saleh Naami , Wednesday 18 May 2011

A group of rabbis in Israel called on US president Barak Obama to “terminate” the Palestinian state idea just as the US “terminated” Al-Qaeda chief, Osama bin Laden.

Israel Channel 7 reported on Wednesday that the chief of the Council of Rabbis, Ezra Arsel sent the White House a letter signed by 350 rabbis calling for the termination of any efforts to establish an independent Palestinian state.

The report added that the letter starts by congratulating Obama for getting rid of Bin Laden, and then stated the following: “it is time to think about terminating the independent Palestinian state idea.”

They cite as one of the reasons “...the people who called for establishing a Palestinian state announce mourning after the death of bin Laden in their countries and they condemned the killing of bin Laden,” the letter added.

He added that Israelis are calling for real peace - not fake peace.

This rabbis council previously issued a religious ruling that forbids “establishing the Palestinian state on the great land of Israel.”

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