El-Arabi: Halayeb and Shalateen to be jointly used by Egypt and Sudan

Ahmed Eleiba , Thursday 19 May 2011

Egypt's foreign minister has indicated that the issue of long disputed territory on the Egypt-Sudan border could be swiftly resolved with mutual benefits

Nabil Elaraby
Egyptian Foreign Minister Nabil Elaraby (Photo: Reuters)

Sudanese Minister of Foreign Affairs Ali Karti has met with Egyptian counterpart Nabil El-Arabi, with El-Arabi saying after the meeting that Halayeb and Shalatin on the Egyptian-Sudanese border was discussed with a view to ending all disagreement on the disputed area, and that even a free-trade zone would be created there and that the area would be used jointly in various ways.

General Secretary of the Arab League Amr Mousa and Karti earlier attended a press conference in which Mousa expressed his pleasure at the wide consensus reached about Al-Arabi being his successor in heading the League, saying that the field is now open to League members resolving outstanding disputes.

Karti said a fresh approach was evident all round, on many levels, with renewed cooperation between Sudan and Egypt.

Karti underlined the importance of the Arab League continuing its humanitarian support efforts.

On the situation inside Sudan, Karti assured that there is no war, only some attempts by bandits to block roads, preventing commerce and aid from passing. Sudanese efforts at reconciliation between Darfur's tribes are underway, ending with a referendum in Darfur on whether it should be one province or several.

Karti said the referendum stems from what was decided in the Abuja Agreement in 2006.

Karti expressed hope that the Darfur issue would be resolved, that leaders return to their senses and return to the negotiation table, since dialogue is the only way out of the crisis.


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