Netanyahu preps for Arab cyberwar against Israel

Saleh Naami , Thursday 19 May 2011

Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu has called attention to the vulnerability of existing networks in Israel, promising to face all hacker threats

Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu announced the founding of a public body to face a possible cyberwar waged by Arab hackers against Israel aimed at disabling strategic facilities.

The daily Haaretz said Thursday that that the new body will work on securing the network linking important civil and security institutions in the Hebrew state to prevent attacks from breaching it.

Netanyahu has appointed Isaac Ben-Horin, who headed the Israeli Logistics Directorate in the Israeli army, and who headed the Council for Scientific Research and Development, as chief of the newly formed body.

Netanyahu mentioned that attacking the network controlling strategic facilities could completely paralyse Israel, stressing that this danger could threaten Israel gravely in the future.

Netanyahu warned that such attacks may affect the power, water, communications, credit card and transportation sectors, saying that all important sectors in Israel are computerised, which puts them at risk.

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