WikiLeaks reveals Saudi intrigue and unpaid limo bills

AP , Saturday 20 Jun 2015

At the Saudi Embassy in Tehran, diplomats talk about kicking up trouble among disenchanted youth using Facebook and Twitter. At the embassy in Khartoum, they report on Iran's military aid to Sudan.

Meanwhile in Geneva, the Saudi mission is stuck dealing with a multi-million dollar limo bill racked up by a Saudi royal and her entourage.

Many of the roughly 60,000 diplomatic documents just published by WikiLeaks, such as the ones from Khartoum and Tehran, are devoted to tracking Iran's moves in the region. But one of them, a 2009 letter whose authenticity The Associated Press verified Saturday, deals with the massive bill left unpaid by the princess.

It is documents like these that are providing an unusual level of insight into the seamy side of Saudi diplomacy.

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