New video shows Tunisia killer on beach

AFP , Monday 29 Jun 2015

Video footage shared on social networks Monday showed the jihadist who killed 38 people at a Tunisian resort walk slowly across the sand, where the bloodied bodies of his victims lie still.

Intermittent gunfire can be heard in the 11-minute amateur video, which a Tunisian man shot using his mobile phone.

"That's him over there, wearing shorts!... He is there! He's coming!" people could be heard shouting in Arabic, many of them apparently hotel employees and lifeguards.

The man who shot the video is hiding behind a wall and films the gunman, identified by authorities as 23-year-old student Seifeddine Rezgui, as strolls down to the beach from the hotel compound.

He then follows the shooter from a distance and comes across more bloodied bodies of tourists killed as they were sunbathing on the beach.

"Why do you kill people? Why?" the man says.

He then spots a group of Tunisians nearby and shouts out: "Come, come."

"Police! Hey, police!" the cameraman is also heard saying, though it is unclear if security forces were nearby.

The silhouette of the gunman who is dressed in black is then seen as he moves calmly along the beach.

The cameraman finds more bodies lying in the sand and sighs: "Oh my God."

He is then joined by several other Tunisians, and they start running together after the jihadist.

"Catch him, catch him!" one man cries out.

Footage of a street next to the hotel is seen and more gunshots rang out.

"Is he still shooting?" someone asks.

It was then, according to media and witnesses accounts, that Rezgui was shot dead by police, but the scene is not shown in the video.

Friday's attack claimed by the Islamic State group is the bloodiest jihadist attack in Tunisia's history.

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