Israel cancels diplomats' holidays to aid campaign against UN recognition of Palestinian state

Saleh Naami , Monday 13 Jun 2011

Israel mounts increasing campaign to thwart Palestinian attempts for state recognition by the UN General Assembly in September

Israeli Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman has issued a decision to cancel the summer holidays of the country's diplomats to bolster efforts to thwart UN General Assembly recognition of a Palestinian state next September.

The Hebrew issue of Haartez’s website revealed that Jewish activists in prominent political positions in many countries have declared they were lobbied to support Israel in its attempts to foil the Palestinian Authority's attempts at gaining UN General Assembly recognition of a Palestinian state next September. The journal mentions that the general orientation of the foreign ministry and the Israeli government is to employ the Jewish communities in power centres around the world to support Israel in its goal.

The journal also revealed that the foreign minister created the ‘September Forum’ to supervise and organise the Israeli campaign and to measure its level of success in attaining its end.

Haaretz mentioned that the general message the campaign wants to communicate is that recognising the Palestinian state means stripping Israel of its legitimacy. The website also mentioned that the results of the Israeli movement are disappointing up to this point, since Israel has secured the support of only Italy and Germany, in addition to that of the US. The website said that Britain would probably abstain from voting on the Palestinian case in the upcoming General Assembly meeting.

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