Yemen's conflict has left 5,700 people killed, more than 32,000 injured: UN

Bassem Aly , Wednesday 18 Nov 2015

Around 2.3 million people face internal displacement in Yemen, while 120,000 others have been forced to leave the country

File Photo: A man sits at a site which the Houthi-led authorities say was hit by a Saudi-led air strike at the old quarter of Yemen's capital Sanaa August 9, 2015 (Photo: Reuters)

The UN's humanitarian coordinator for Yemen Johannes van der Klaauw announced on Wednesday that 5,700 people have been killed – including 830 women and children — and that 32,200 others have been injured so far in the ongoing conflict in the war-torn state.

In a Skype-based press briefing held in Cairo, Der Klaauw —speaking from Yemen's capital Sanaa — said that 8,875 cases of human rights violations have been recorded, the equivalent of 43 cases per day.

The conflict in Yemen began after the Iran-backed Houthi militants took control of the capital Sanaa in September 2014, spreading their control over other parts of the country.

Last March, a Saudi-led coalition started launching an aerial military operation against the Houthi militants in support of the internationally backed government of Abedrabbo Mansour Hadi.

Hadi, who spent eight months of exile in Saudi Arabia, returned to Aden on Tuesday after the coalition's offensive against the Shia rebels. However, the war between the Houthis and the coalition is ongoing.

Der Klaauw pointed out that the war takes place in 20 out of 22 governorates in Yemen, adding that 21.2 million Yemenis — roughly 82 percent of the whole population — compared to 16 million in 2014, are in need of humanitarian assistance and protection.

He pointed out that more than 14 million Yemenis cannot get "adequate health care" and three million children, pregnant women and nursing mothers suffer malnutrition problems. Also, 1.8 million children cannot manage to go to school.

Emphasising the collapse of basic services in Yemen, the UN official stated that approximately 19 million people lack clean drinking water and sewage services, while 14 million suffer from the absence of food security.

Moreover, Der Klaauw said that around 2.3 million people face internal displacement, while 120,000 others have been forced to leave the country.

Der Klaauw called for a political solution for the crisis and more humanitarian efforts to fulfill the growing needs in the country despite 1.6 billion dollars requested through the Yemen Humanitarian Response Planadopted by the international community in June to support more than 11 million Yemenis.


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