Israeli study: Egyptian, Saudi nukes would halt migration

Saleh Naami in Gaza, Sunday 12 Dec 2010

A recent Israeli study warns of possible negative repercussions if Egypt or Saudi Arabia were to acquire nuclear weapons, predicting a decreased influx of Jewish migrants and dwindling investment

A recent Israeli study warned that the Egyptian or Saudi procurement of nuclear weapons could lead to the decreased Jewish migration to Israel and a lower rate of investment.

The study was prepared by General Ephraim Sneh, head of the Centre for Strategic Dialogue, an affiliate of the Netanya Academic College. The general has previously held multiple governmental posts.

The Israeli news site Kakotz conveyed that the study demonstrated the gravity of nuclear weapons acquisition by Saudis and Egyptians.

Sneh warned that failing to thwart Iranian nuclear ambitions would lead to a nuclear arms race in the region compelling Saudi Arabia and Egypt to develop their own nuclear capabilities.

The former minister said that the Egyptian or Saudi attainment of nuclear weapons is far more serious than Iran's. He added that the moment Jews around the world hear of Egyptian or Saudi nukes, migration to Israel will cease and investments will degenerate.

Sneh indicated that the solution lies in frustrating Iranian nuclear efforts by all means necessary. He added that Iranian missiles may be able to reach long range targets like Delhi, Moscow and Athens, saying that in 2 years or so they may be able to reach Paris or Brussels.

Sneh reportedly stated earlier, when he was deputy secretary of defence, that one-third of Israelis would abscond should they hear of an Arab state acquiring nuclear weapons.

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