Raed Salah released from Israeli prison

Salah Naami in Gaza, Sunday 12 Dec 2010

Israeli authorities released Raed Salah, head of the Islamic Movement after a 5 month jail-term in Ramle

Raed Salah
Sheik Raed Salah, the leader of the northern branch of the Islamic movement in Israel, center, gestures as he surrounded by supporters after his release from Ayalon prison at the central Israeli town of Ramle, Sunday, 12 December 2010.(AP)

On Sunday, Israeli authorities released head of the Islamic Movement in Israel, Raed Salah, after his 5 month incarceration in the Israeli Ramle prison, near Tel Aviv.

An Israeli court sentenced Salah, after he was convicted with assaulting an Israeli police officer during 2007 clashes in Jerusalem.

Hundreds of Palestinians gathered to receive Salah, among them were leaders of the Islamic Movement and other religious and political icons in the Israeli Arab community.

Tens of the thousands of Umm Al-Fahm citizens, in Northern Israel assembled to welcome Salah to his hometown, despite the stormy weather conditions.

"I was arrested for my love of Jerusalem and the Al-Aqsa mosque and I was let out of prison maintaining more love for them." Salah said as he was being released.

The Shabak, Israel's internal security agency, urged the government to outlaw the Islamic Movement and stop its activities.

The Israeli National Security Council prepared a report stating that the Islamic Movement under Raed Salah's leadership posed a clear and present danger to the Israeli state.

An Israeli right-wing extremist exposed a Shabak officer urging him on tape to assassinate Salah.

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