Kurdish Peace and Democracy Party seeks to contribute in drafting Turkey's new constitution

MENA, Thursday 28 Jul 2011

Salahuddin Dmirattash, head of Turkey's Kurdish Peace and Democracy Party, assures his party's desire to participate strongly in the writing process of the new constitution

In a Thursday press conference, Dmirattash confirmed that his party will take part in the discussions that should start in the summer vacation, saying that the problem of official presence in the parliament will be taken into account in October.

He added that the position of the Peace and Democracy members of parliament will be determined based on what those discussions will result in, mentioning that everyone in Turkey pins much importance on the new constitution since it may solve the Kurdish problem in Turkey.

Thirty Kurdish-backed lawmakers had boycotted the new parliament mid-July after the authorities refused to release six Kurdish activists elected while awaiting trial in prison, and stripped one of them of his parliamentary seat.

Earlier, Turkish Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan had ordered his Justice and Development Party to work on the formation of a committee to communicate with the opposition regarding the writing of the constitution as parliament opens in October.

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