Iraq bids to host next Arab summit

Ahmed Eleiba, Monday 13 Dec 2010

An Iraqi delegation, which arrived in Cairo on Sunday, continues to have meetings with Egyptian diplomats and security officials to discuss the possibility of Baghdad hosting next year's Arab summit

A delegation of high ranking security officials headed by the Iraqi interior ministry's Eden Qader arrived Sunday at the Arab League's headquarters in Cairo to discuss the possibility of Baghdad hosting the next Arab summit in March.

The delegation's spokesman Foad Al-Naqshabandy told Ahram Online that this is its second visit to Cairo to discuss security and logistics preparations with the Arab League.

Naqshabandy indicated that the delegation, still in Cairo meeting with Egypt's diplomatic and security officials, will also discuss other issues related to general developments in Iraq's security and politics.

Egyptian security expert General Sameh Seif El-Yazl said that the current situation in Iraq remains generally unsatisfactory. Despite the delegation's efforts to show it has improved, witnesses and reports demonstrate that Iraq's security situation remains too unstable to host the Arab summit. And in light of the ongoing national dialogue surrounding the formation of a new government, Iraq seems in need of more time to settle.

He also said that in case  Baghdad is confirmed as the summit's host it would require more deliberation with the delegation and perhaps another visit in a couple of months, as many security concerns are yet to be agreed upon such as the whether to use Arab, foreign or private security.

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