Al-Arabiya: Hackers infiltrate Syrian army’s website, leave message supporting Syrian people

Ahram Online , Monday 8 Aug 2011

A group of unknown hackers succeeded in penetrating the Syrian army's website on Monday and leaving a message, according to Al-Arabiya

Al-Arabiya website reported that a group of hackers penetrated the electronic network of the Syrian army on Monday to upload a message to the Syrian people, leaving the army’s website out of service. 

The message was left in both Arabic and English language, being signed by “unknown”. It included the following:

“For the Syrian people, the world stands by your side against the brutal regime of Bashar al-Assad. We know that time and history will support you as well.”

 “Despotic rulers use force for they have no other tool to rely on. The more they become violent the weaker they turn to be”, the hackers said.

The hackers praised the Syrian protesters for their insistence on peaceful demonstrations in the face of the violent acts of the ruling regime. 

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