Arab League condemns Israel attacks on Gaza

Reuters & MENA , Sunday 21 Aug 2011

In an emergency meeting, the Arab League has condemned the latest Israeli aggression on Gaza while Hamas calls for practical steps to stop Israel's offensive

The Arab League on Sunday condemned Israeli air assaults on the Gaza Strip and said the United Nations must take action to end the attacks, in which at least 15 people have died.

"We issued a statement condemning the Israeli offensive on Gaza ... and Egyptian land," Arab League Secretary-General Nabil El-Arabi told reporters in Cairo.

"The United Nations has to take steps to stop the Israeli offensive on Gaza," he said, without giving details of the measures he was urging the UN to take.

Among those killed in the aerial attacks were the leader of an armed Palestinian faction and five civilians, including three children. Israel launched the strikes after an assault along its border killed eight Israelis Thursday.

The Palestinian resistance movement, Hamas, called for the Arab League to take decisive and practical steps to deal with the Israeli offensive on Gaza.

In a statement made today, an official source within Hamas called for the implementation of the previously made decision by several Arab foreign ministers, regarding ending the blockade on the Gaza Strip immediately, in an effort to support the Palestinian movement.

Hamas expressed its hopes in a political and economic boycott of Israel, as well as stepping up pressure in the United Nations and other international forums as a way to stop the killings of civilians and the “Judiaicisation” of Jerusalem.

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