Rebel government will move to Tripoli soon

AFP , Monday 22 Aug 2011

In the midst of their euphoria, Libyan rebels are to immediately set about appointing a transitional government in the Libyan capital Tripoli to avoid a power vacuum

The Libyan rebel council's top diplomat in London insisted Monday there would be no power vaccuum in the country, saying the council would move from Benghazi to Tripoli "soon."

Charge d'affaires Mahmud Nacua also said the rebels now controlled 95 per cent of Tripoli after the dramatic push into the capital on Sunday. "There is still some pockets who support Gaddafi. Maybe there is some fighting in some areas but on the whole, our fighters control 95 per cent of the city and the country," he told reporters from the steps of the embassy.

He said he believed Muammar Gaddafi was still in Tripoli, but promised rebel fighters would "turn over every stone to find him".

Nacua said it was a "great day", but warned that there would be "difficulties" and admitted mistakes were likely to be made during the post-Gaddafi transition process.
But he said a new transitional government would be appointed soon to rule Libya from its capital to avoid a potentially damaging power vacuum. "There will be no vacuum," Nacua said.

"NTC (the rebel National Transitional Council) will move soon from Benghazi to Tripoli and they will appoint a new transitional government which will rule the country, which will serve the people in all cities."

"In the next few days, we may be facing some difficulties because every revolution will face some difficulties," he added. "Maybe some mistakes will happen but we believe that our people in NTC are capable of resolving all the problems... and we will go forward to build the promised Libya and we will have a promising relationship between the UK and a new Libya."

The rebels took control of Libya's embassy in London at the end of July.

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