Pressure on Syria raises spectre of Libyan-style intervention

MENA, Monday 22 Aug 2011

British newspapers discuss the possibility of Western military intervention in Syria

British newspapers have been tackling Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad’s interview with Syrian television, in which he discussed the political status quo in his country.

Meanwhile, following governmental approval, a UN mission arrived in Syria to examine the humanitarian situation in all cities that witnessed public demonstrations.

The Guardian mentioned that the “defiant” Syrian President warned against foreign intervention in Syria, disregarding international criticism against the brutality of his regime towards peaceful demonstrators.

The newspaper said despite international pressures, Al-Assad’s ‎regime never considered ending the violent oppression which has killed 350 ‎civilians this month and created an aggregate death toll of two ‎thousand people since the beginning of popular uprisings in Syria.

Thus, the Guardian expects Western tendencies for military ‎interference to intensify in light of the current situation, adding that such intervention has not been on the table for the last five months, despite a collapsed economy and a miserable humanitarian situation in Syria.

The Independent pointed out that Al-Assad’s interview with the state ‎television coincided with the international community’s ‎condemnation of his regime and its violence against advocators of ‎political reform.

The Independent, additionally, confirmed that ‎Al-Assad’s interview came after Western ‎calls for him to step down.‎

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