Ahmadinejad: Egyptian-Iranian alliance can eliminate Israel

Ahram Online , Friday 26 Aug 2011

The Iranian President says that an Egyptian-Iranian alliance in the post-Mubarak era could eliminate "the Zionist entity"

The Iranian President Mahmud Ahmadinejad (Photo:AP)

Iranian President Mahmud Ahmadinejad said Egyptian-Iranian relations in the post-Mubarak era will eliminate the presence of the Zionist entity, as well as other hegemonic powers in the region, if Arab and Islamic powers perceive the urgency of unity. In an interview to Al-Manar TV, Ahmadinejad addressed Egyptian society, expecting that Egypt will play a key regional role in the coming period.

Ahmadinejad added that Egypt and Iran should emphasise the common grounds between them such as Islam, culture and traditions, referring to Western "schemes" to cut these ties. On the other hand, the Iranian president expressed his fears concerning a Libyan-model military intervention in Syria, urging the Syrian regime and people to sit on the negotiating table and reach a compromise on political reform.

Ahmadinejad underlined the Syrian people’s right to freedom, justice, transparent elections as well as a timetable for actual democratic transition, calling for a similar plan in Bahrain and expressing his discontent with the Saudi intervention in a Bahraini domestic dispute. 


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