Hizbullah trumps Mossad

Saleh Naami in Gaza, Saturday 18 Dec 2010

In the war of minds between them, Lebanon's resistance movement Hizbullah made advances over Israel's Mossad, uncovering the latter's espionage efforts

Israeli security experts have expressed concern that Hizbullah could have supplied Israeli intelligence with false information about its activities and logistics.

According to Israeli TV Channel 10, Israel fears mounted after Hizbullah announced its discovery of Tel Aviv's espionage operations in Lebanon and it might have used these to pass Israel wrong information that serves its strategic goals.

The Lebanese army, acting on an alert coming from the resistance movement of Hizbullah, discovered and dismantled two Israeli espionage devices Wednesday. The devices were found on the Barouk Mountain, east of the Lebanese capital, Beirut, and Mount Sannine, northeast of the capital.

Gad Shamron, a high ranking Israeli officer with long time service in Mossad, confirmed that Hizbullah had scored points in the ongoing "war of minds" between the two parties.

Yossi Milman an expert in intelligence matters, said that Hizbullah has undergone major development in upgrading its espionage capabilities, as demonstrated by it uncovering Israel's spy devices in Lebanon.

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