Diamond wars in Central African Republic kill 30

AFP , Monday 19 Sep 2011

In latest count of the Central African Republic’s “Diamond War”, 30 people are left dead in a week as a result of rival groups' clash over the control of diamond mines

Clashes between rival groups in the Central African Republic vying for control over diamond mines have left 30 dead and dozens wounded in a week, a military official said Monday.

The fighting in Bria, a town in the centre of the country where the fighting has been taking place, said the clashes claimed nine lives on Sunday, bringing the toll for the past week to 30.

"Red Cross medics counted nine bodies and more than 10 people with bullets wounds on Sunday in a fresh outburst of violence that displaced the civilian population," the official said from Bria.

"These clashes which have been going on for a week have already killed 30 people and wounded dozens," he said.

The official said the fighting pits former rebels from the Union of Democratic Forces for Unity (UFDR) and the rebels of the Convention of Patriots for Justice and Peace (CPJP).

The UFDR is dominated by the Ronga and the CPJP by the Goula, two rival ethnic groups who have feuded over the region's diamond mines for years.

"On Monday, the UFDR former rebels were in control of the town and surrounded the Bria provincial hospital, causing some patients and their relatives to run into hiding," the military official said.

He said they also destroyed homes in Ronga-populated areas.

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