NATO sees end to its Libya mission within 90 days

Reuters , Thursday 22 Sep 2011

Commander of NATO's Libya operation, Lieutenant-General Charles Bouchard, says that NATO is confident that it can complete its mission within a new 90 day mandate

NATO said on Thursday it was confident it could conclude its mission in Libya well within a new 90-day operations period agreed this week.

"I am highly confident that we can complete this mission well within the limits as provided by NATO," Lieutenant-General Charles Bouchard, the commander of NATO's Libya operation, told a media briefing.

Bouchard said NATO's mission would continue as long as a threat remained to civilians in the country.

NATO states agreed on Wednesday to extend the alliance's current mandate, which was due to expire on 27 September, by another 90 days. It was the second extension of the Libya mission, which NATO took full command of on 31 March.

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