Maliki and Alawi finalise Iraqi government

Ahmed Eleiba , Sunday 19 Dec 2010

Source confirms to Al-Ahram online that political deadlock has been brought to an end

Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki and the leader of the largest bloc in the parliament, Iyad Allawi, met yesterday to agree on the final shape of the country’s new government to be announced on Monday, a source told Al-Ahram Online.

The meeting took place in the prime minister’s office and was attended by the former prime minister and leader of the National Reform movement bloc, Ibrahim El Jafari.

“The trio exchanged the final list of names for government posts which each bloc agreed upon,” the source added.

Hours before the three leaders met, the Iraqi parliament lifted a ban imposed on several of Allawi’s Al Iraqiya bloc members preventing them from running in parliamentary elections for alleged ties to Saddam Hussein’s Baathist regime.  

“Lifting the ban was a core issue in our intensive negotiations with al-Maliki who resisted the pressures to the last minute,”  Zafer El Anni, one of the Al-Iraqiya bloc leaders who was banned from running for election because of his past membership of the Baath party, told Al Ahram Online.

Tomorrow’s announcement would bring an end to the political deadlock which has gripped the country since parliamentary elections were held nine months ago.

Sources have confirmed to Al Ahram online that so far the Al Iraqiya bloc have several posts in the new government including the defence, finance, electricity, health, and labour ministries.


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