Libya's NTC postpones announcement of interim government

MENA, Monday 26 Sep 2011

Delay in announcing new Libyan cabinet hints at broader divides between the different factions who make up the transitional council

Libya’s National Transitional Council (NTC) has postponed the announcement of a newly-formed interim government due to disputes surrounding portfolios.

Radio Sawa mentioned on Monday that this is not the first time the announcement has been postponed.

Some observers, said the radio report, believe that the leaders of the NTC are facing difficulties in overcoming their disagreements regarding the standards for choosing ministers.

They pointed out that there is unseen political competition between the different factions present in the council, stressing that the liberal blocs and the Muslim Brotherhood do not have a popular base they could depend on when it comes to running the state.

The February 17 coalition and civil society institutions issued a statement Monday asserting that the formation of a Libyan government now would clearly contradict what was stipulated in the constitutional declaration, which prohibits the announcement of a government before a liberation proclamation.  


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