Kurd party offering to end Turkey parliament boycott

Reuters , Wednesday 28 Sep 2011

Turkey's Kurdish Peace and Democracy Party ends boycott of parliament, which was instigated as a result of the refusal by the Turkish government to allow its jailed elected candidates to take seats

Turkey's main Kurdish party decided on Wednesday to end a boycott of parliament on Saturday dependent on conditions being met, the Firat news agency reported, without detailing what terms the Kurdish Peace and Democracy Party (BDP) was seeking.

Parliament reconvenes on Saturday after a summer recess, and the Kurdish protest had threatened to spoil Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan's plans to seek cross-party consensus for a new constitution. The BDP had said it would not attend parliament in protest at court rulings that barred some of its jailed elected candidates from taking seats.

The move by the BDP, which won 36 seats in a June vote, comes amid a wave of Kurdish rebel violence which has sparked air strikes and artillery raids by the Turkish military against guerrilla bases in northern Iraq. The issue of greater rights for Turkey's minority Kurds is likely to dominate the debate on a new charter in the European Union candidate country.  

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