Israel to fight "soft Intifada"

Saleh Naami, Tuesday 21 Dec 2010

Israel calls Mahmoud Abbas' efforts to get Palestine recognized "soft Intifada" vowing to combat it

The Israeli ministry of foreign affairs said it would launch a war on what they called a "soft Intifada" led by Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas and characterized by lobbying for the recognition of a Palestinian state.

Ynet, an Israeli news site, reported Tuesday the Israeli deliberations mentioned that the consequences of the Palestinian initiative could be "disastrous" as the "recognising Palestine fever" spreads from Latin America to Asia and Europe.

The Israelis expect an imminent declaration of recognition by Ecuador and Uruguay following the recently announced support from Brazil, Argentine and Bolivia. They pointed out that it is likely for Chile to do so as well because it hosts a large Arab community.

The website discovered that the ministry of foreign affairs summoned the representatives of the states that recognized Palestine and scolded them urging the rest of Latin America to no follow suit. It insinuated that Abbas' disappointment is what led him to pursue this option especially since he refuses to resort to military action to deal with the deadlock.

Ynet's sources pointed out that  Abbas understands the steps that he must take that make him popular in the West. That is why he decided to move his security.


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