Syria gets 50,000 tonnes of Russian wheat in aid, none from commercial deals

Reuters , Tuesday 28 Mar 2017

 Syria has received 50,000 tonnes of Russian wheat as humanitarian aid, Syrian and Russian government sources said on Tuesday.

The two cargoes arrived in March, they said.

However, no Russian wheat from the commercial deals signed with state grain buyer Hoboob have arrived yet, the Syrian government source said.

The Russian Agriculture Ministry declined to comment.

Russian government officials said in November their country plans to send around 100,000 tonnes of wheat as aid to Syria.

A deal struck in October for Syria to buy 1 million tonnes of Russian wheat with little known firm Zernomir is in jeopardy, according to Syrian and Russian government sources, after Hoboob failed to receive any grain from the deal.

Also no wheat has arrived under another deal struck with local Syrian wheat traders in February for 1.2 million tonnes of Russian wheat.

"We have received nothing from these two deals yet," the Syrian government source said.


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