Syrian refugees name baby for Canadian PM Justin Trudeau

AP , Monday 8 May 2017

A Syrian refugee couple have named their new baby after Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau in gratitude for his initiative to allow refugees to enter the country.

The Toronto Star reports ( ) Justin Trudeau Adam Bilan was born May 4 in a Calgary, Alberta, hospital. His parents, Afraa and Muhammad Bilan, came to Canada from their war-ravaged home nation with their two older children last year.

Afraa Bilan tells the Toronto Star that the family loves and appreciates Trudeau and says he's the reason they're in Canada. Bilan notes that little Justin Trudeau is the family's first Canadian and beat the rest of them to getting citizenship.

The Canadian government says more than 40,000 Syrian refugees have arrived in the country since November 2015. 

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