Turkey to deal only with Baghdad on oil exports

AP , Thursday 28 Sep 2017

Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi says Turkey has agreed to deal only with Baghdad on oil exports from the self-ruled Kurdish region, which seeks secession from Iraq.

In a statement issued late on Wednesday following a phone call with his Turkish counterpart, al-Abadi says Binali Yildirim stressed his government's support on all measures taken in response to the Kurdish independence referendum.

In defiance of Baghdad, the self-ruled Kurdish region has been unilaterally exporting crude oil produced in their region and contested areas through Turkey.

The statement adds that both countries will continue cooperating to help implement the measures.

The Kurds angered Baghdad and Iraq's neighbors by holding an independence referendum this week. Though it's non-binding, it has inceased tensions between the Kurds and Baghdad as well as Turkey and Iran, both of which have a sizable Kurdish population.

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