Syria arrests blogger Razan Ghazzawi

AFP , Monday 5 Dec 2011

Bloggers and online activists have taken a central role in Syria's uprising as foreign media, banned by the regime, has turned to YouTube and other internet resources for coverage of the country's bloody unrest

Razan Ghazzaw
Razan Ghazzawi. (Photo from facebook page: _ Free Syrian Blogger& Activist Razan Ghazzawi

Syrian authorities on Monday arrested blogger Razan Ghazzawi at the border with Jordan as she headed to Amman to take part in a workshop on press freedom in the Arab world.

The Syrian Centre for Media and Free Expression called for the release of arrested blogger Raazan Ghazzawi, who was to represent the group at the forum, and for the authorities to halt "the repression of bloggers and journalists" in Syria. Ghazzawi has since 2009 run her own blog, Razaniayat.

Social networking sites have played a key role in mobilising the anti-regime protests which have swept Syria since mid-March. More than 4,000 people have been killed, according to the United Nations, in Syria's crackdown on dissent.

Foreign journalists are mostly banned from covering the unrest, leaving the international media dependent on reports from activists and videos on YouTube and other internet sites, posted at the risk of arrest.

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