Washington pushes UN to punish Iran for 'malign behavior'

Sputnik , Thursday 28 Jun 2018

Jonathan Cohen
File Photo: US deputy envoy Jonathan Cohen (AP)

The United States wants to work with the UN Security Council on sanctions against Iran, who it suspects of "malign" actions in the region, the US deputy envoy said.

The Council met Wednesday for a briefing on Iran’s nonproliferation and nuclear program. UN top political official Rosemary DiCarlo presented her findings, which Russia dismissed as "unverifiable."

But US deputy envoy Jonathan Cohen argued that the report proved that Iran destabilized the Middle East by allegedly providing Houthi rebels in Yemen and the Hamas militant group in Gaza with weapons.

"We urge members of this Council to join us in the imposition of sanctions that target Iran’s malign behavior in the region. The United States stands ready to work with the members of this Council to take real action against the threat Iran poses," he said.

Cohen added the United States took a stand against Tehran when it re-imposed sanctions on the country after pulling out of the 2015 multinational deal to curb Iran's nuclear program in return for sanctions easing. The move has been condemned by all signatories, including Washington’s close allies.

US president Donald Trump had earlier decided to reinstate sanctions on Iran, previously lifted under the JCPOA agreement, signed in 2015 by Iran, the P5+1 group of countries and the European Union, under which Tehran agreed to scale down its nuclear program in return for sanctions easing.

The unilateral move taken by the United States has been opposed by other signatories to the nuclear agreement.

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