Algerian PM questions need for 4th Bouteflika term

AP , Sunday 8 Jan 2012

Algeria's prime minister, Ahmed Ouyahia, says it is too early to address whether President Abdelaziz Bouteflika would run for a fourth term in 2014

Algeria's prime minister has questioned whether President Abdelaziz Bouteflika should seek a fourth term — a sensitive subject in a country still nursing wounds from a deadly insurgency.

Former ally-turned-Bouteflika rival Ahmed Ouyahia asked a weekend gathering of his Democratic National Rally party whether another term for the ailing, 75-year-old Bouteflika would serve Algeria's interests. Bouteflika has been Algeria's president since 1999.

Ouyahia, who is 61, said Saturday it was too early for him to address whether he would run in Algeria's next presidential election in 2014.

Ouyahia defended his support for a constitutional change in 2008 that scrapped a two-term limit on presidential terms. He said the country needed Bouteflika at a time when Algeria was recovering from its 1990s insurgency.

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