Israel accused of using illegal weapons in Gaza

Saleh Naami, Tuesday 4 Jan 2011

Gaza police issue a list of illegal weapons used against civilians by Israel in the Cast Lead operation

Gaza police have put the weight of weapons dropped on the Strip by Israel during the war two years ago at over 3000 tons.

Tahseen Saad, head of the police force's explosives engineering unit, indicated that a lot of the weapons used were illegal under international law.

In his statement, Saad clarified that the occupation forces used different types of bombs with the most significant ones weighing between 150 – 500 Kg. He also pointed out that the most controversial weapons used included white phosphorous bombs which are illegal to use in populated areas.

Saad explained that Israel used an assortment of missiles, such as anti-tank guided missiles, against civilians and their vehicles.

He said that the Israeli army used bombs that dispersed red smoke made up of explosives and tungsten. When the bomb is dropped it sprayed a liquid which creates fog and in less than a second it disappears and the bomb explodes.

The effect of the weapons is not limited to killing. Weapons containing materials that are forbidden under international accords, such as phosphorous, tungsten and uranium, spread cancer in the targeted population, destroy nature and cause terrible burns and amputations. Some of the consequences, like foetal abnormalities, are not immediately apparent.  


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