Wave of bomb attacks as gunmen storm Iraq police station

AFP , Sunday 15 Jan 2012

Four car bombs exploded and two suicide bombers blew themselves up as gunmen clashed with officers at police station on Sunday in the Iraqi city of Ramadi

A series of explosives-packed cars and suicide bombs detonated in Ramadi as gunmen stormed a police building in the western Iraqi city on Sunday, raising key questions about the security forces' capabilities a month after US troops have left the country.

Four car bombs targeting a mosque and police station in the city, 100 kilometres west of Baghdad, were followed by two suicide bomb blasts inside the police station, at which point gunmen stormed the facility and triggered clashes, two police officers said.

The officers spoke on condition of anonymity. The number of casualties was not immediately clear.

The first two car bombs exploded at around 11:30am (0830 GMT) near the Dawlah Kabir Mosque in central Ramadi, followed by a third also in the city centre. A short while later, a fourth car bomb went off near a police building in Ramadi, followed quickly thereafter by two suicide bombers blowing themselves up inside the building.

Armed insurgents then stormed the building and clashes were ongoing as of 1pm (1000 GMT), the police officers said.

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