Israeli students denounce Barak

Saleh Naami in Gaza, Wednesday 5 Jan 2011

Ehud Barak labelled a criminal and child killer for his role in the Gaza war

Israeli Defence Minister Ehud Barak was caught unawares Tuesday night as a number of students made their way towards him during his speech in the University of Tel Aviv.

They shouted "Criminal" and "Child Killer" at the minister and, according to Israeli newspaper Maariv's Wednesday issue, one of the students told Barak "you speak of peace, you are a liar, failure, phoney. Work on achieving just peace and equality instead of practicing political prostitution with the right."

"The Hague awaits to charge you for your terrorism and for killing children in Gaza, you frighten your people, shame on you," he added.

Barak's guards and the campus security took the students out of the lecture hall after they were called names by the guests.

Shortly after that another student disrupted the lecture by approaching Barak while holding a picture of an infant killed in the war. Several people shouted for the removal of the students.

Barak spoke of the incident saying it was a regrettable and called the actions of the students "childish."

"I am the last person to feel obliged to make apologies to anyone," said Barak.

The lecture was part of a conference organized by the University of Tel Aviv to discuss the Iranian nuclear threat and its implications for Israel.

A large number of high-ranking military and government officials from Israel and the US were attending as well as academics from Israel and abroad.      

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