Israel aids South Korea's with missiles

Saleh Naami in Gaza, Wednesday 5 Jan 2011

Israeli paper reveals Tel Aviv provided South Korea with satellite-guided missiles in order to assist it in combating the North

Israel provided South Korea with advanced missiles to counter the many threats that the Asian republic faces from Pyongyang, Israeli daily newspaper Ma'ariv said in its Wednesday issue.

Tel Aviv indicated that it provided Seoul with Israeli-manufactured satellite-guided Durban missiles in the aftermath of the North Korean attack on the island of Yeonpyeong in the end of November.

The newspaper said that the South Korean army placed the missiles on the attacked island, adding that the missiles were dispersed as part of the efforts to fortify defences of the five islands located near the disputed maritime borders between the two states.

The paper also said that Israeli forces will deliver more of missiles of this kind to South Korea in order to help secure the latter's line of defence.

Israeli military sources said recently that the increased cooperation between Israel and South Korea came about with US coordination. The United States urged Tel Aviv to provide its ally in Seoul with the most advanced military technology in order to overcome the challenges from the north.

The sources say that Israeli decision makers expect political benefits from the initiative, such strengthening Israel's waning image, not to mention, the added profits from military exports.

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