Yemeni troops, police demand bosses' ouster

AFP , Saturday 28 Jan 2012

Yemeni soldiers and policemen stage separate sit-ins to ‎demand the ouster of corrupted top bosses,as President Ali Abdullah Saleh ‎left the country covered by a new law giving him blanket immunity against persecution

Anti-government protesters march to denounce a law granting immunity to outgoing President Ali Abdullah Saleh in Sanaa January 22, 2012. (Photo:Reuters)

Yemeni soldiers and policemen staged separate demonstrations on Saturday demanding the ouster of top bosses over accusations of corruption, an AFP correspondent reported.

Hundreds of officers and soldiers at an air base in the capital staged a sit-in, in a series of protests that began on Monday demanding the sacking of air force commander General Mohammed Saleh al-Ahmar, half-brother of embattled President Ali Abdullah Saleh.

Protesters demanded an official announcement that Ahmar has been fired after media reports claiming he had been removed from his post and replaced by retired officer Abdullah al-Yadoumi.

After months of protests, the veteran Saleh finally signed with the parliamentary opposition in November a deal for the transfer of power under which he agreed to transfer his powers to his deputy.

Saleh left the country on Sunday after MPs passed a law giving him blanket immunity against prosecution, as protesters remained on the streets demanding that he face trial.

Air force troops in Taez also staged a sit-in in the city centre to demand Ahmar's ouster and the pull out of Republican Guards forces, led by Saleh's son Ahmed, which stormed the air bases of Taez and Sanaa, military sources said.

Similar supporting sit-ins were held at the bases of Lahij in the south, and Hadramawt in the southeast, the same sources said.

Police and intelligence officers also gathered in Sanaa calling for the removal of the head of the political police, General Ghaleb al-Qamesh, and his aides, over accusations of corruption, an AFP correspondent reported.

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