Calls for mourning as Sudan looks set to split

Asmaa Husseini in Sudan, Saturday 8 Jan 2011

North Sudanese activists see the secession of South Sudan as akin to the death of the nation

A Sudanese activist has called on the Sudanese to enter a state of mourning starting Sunday over losing the south. Indicators point to secession being the result of tomorrow's referendum on southern self-determination.

Hadyah Hasaballah, a prominent activist and a professor in the Ahfad University for Women, asked people to dress in white,which is traditionally worn by women in mourning, for the loss of the south.

The suggested period of mourning would last a month.

"We have endured a lot of unjust policies, but we will not tolerate the amputation of a part of our country that is so dear to us without at least raising our voices in a lament," Hadyah said.

She said she wondered what the nation's children would be taught of this tragedy. "I, personally, am ashamed," she said. "So I thought I would dress in white, in mourning, until darkness is lifted from Sudan. Perhaps our white clothes will light the way, despite the sorrow in our country," she said.

Several other calls for a period of mourning Sudan's partition have spread from the north.

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